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  • Châteauneuf du Rhone is situated 8 km (around 5 miles) from Montelimar, Drome in Provence in the Rhône Valley.
  • Long ago in 1198, the old fortified village was called Castrum Montipenceriee.
  • Today, Châteauneuf du Rhone is popular for its walls and its streets in the old forum

To learn more about Châteauneuf we suggest you visit the following : Chateauneuf hier (in French).

We also invite you to visit the website of the city : Chateauneuf (in French).

Châteauneuf since 24 April 2014 has a store "U Express", a gas station, a cash machine, a tobacconists, newsagent and 2 restaurants pizza snack.